Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In secret

This is still new to me, so I tweaked the original format. I'll be accepting the 3rd submission this time (by determination of a roll of the dice).

Give me some words in the comment form & I'll plug them into my already-written, short story. Comments won't be published, but I will read them.

1. Adjective
2. Body part
3. Place
4. Object
5. Adjective
6. Implement
7. Common noun
8. Article of clothing
9. Adjective
10. Body part

Thanks for playing!

(Photo borrowed from BDSM Photos, a collection of wonderful spanking pics.)


Anonymous said...

That photo is hot...big breasts and round ass...always sexy.

slowburn said...

Love it!! Also love the picture of you! Fantastic eyes!