Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kiss Goodnight

She hurried to the bedroom to place the pillows as instructed, in the middle of the bed. There was little time if she wanted to inspect the fading redness of her bottom before he entered the room. Quickly pulling down her pajama bottoms, she stood in front of the dresser mirror on her tiptoes and glanced over her shoulder. Not too bad, she thought. Although THIS is going to be a mark tomorrow. lifting her right cheek she saw the beginnings of a small, round finger from the hairbrush.

She lied. She got caught. She paid the price earlier in the day over his knee. But the rule for lying, a habit they were determined to break, was that if she received discipline earlier in the day it would be followed by a bed-time spanking as a reminder. A spanking with the belt.

And so, now, with heaviness in her heart and some lingering disappointment, she contemplated what was to come.

She was to be in position on the bed, his voluptuous, black belt coiled next to her, lying in wait like a snake ready to strike. She knew from experience that this snake has quite a bite.

Hearing him clear his throat in the hall, she jumped for the pillows, settling her hips over them just as the door opened. Blindly she cast a glance towards him as he entered.

Her frantic movements did not go unnoticed and he repressed a smile. This was serious. He knew her proclivity toward procrastination and dawdling, traits that annoyed him yet simultaneously endeared her. But now was not the time to make comment. She was in position, as instructed.

Crossing the room, his hand smoothed over the roundness of her uplifted bottom. His fingers traced the same corner she had noticed in the mirror, and he pondered the growing bruise and the cherry red of her bottom. It could be worse, he thought, and it will be by the time we‘re finished.

“Diane,” he began, “I see you know what to expect. We’ve already discussed what you’ve done, so let’s get this over with. This is meant to hurt. I want you to remember that I deserve your complete honesty, at all times. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir. Please spank me so we can move on. You already know how sorry I am, but I’ll say it again: I’m so sorry for lying to you.”

“As am I. Now let’s begin so we can start fresh. The next time you lie, it will be worse. I promise you.” His ass reached for the belt as he glanced at his target. Although he was resigned to her punishment, he’d much rather be giving her pleasure with the leather. It was true that she disliked discipline more than he, but he could think of better ways to spend their evening.

Placing the leather on her bottom, he watched the rise of her shoulders as she took a deep breath, steeling herself for the upcoming onslaught. A rise of his arm, a flick of the wrist had the belt cutting through the air to land with a resounding crack against her cheeks. A hiss of air, a soft gasp, and the belt rose again and again, her responses growing with the reddening of her bottom.

Soon she was sobbing, gasping out her apologies as she clenched the bedspread between white knuckles. But he continued.

After many strokes with his belt, he paused to rub her bottom and inspect it. Her hips lifted from the pillows to meet his caress despite the stinging in her cheeks. Looking at the punished roundness, he felt that she had probably had enough with the belt for the night.

He patted her thighs and commanded, "Up, my nookie-kins!"

She gathered herself and rose to her knees, wondering if she was yet forgiven. As he settled on the edge of the bed, her heart sank. Not yet. She could expect some more with his tree trunk, but was relieved that the round with the belt was finished for the night.

Patting his thighs in an unmistakable gesture, he wordlessly commanded her over his lap. Contrite and obedient, she complied, settling herself over his thighs as best she could with her pajama pants still beneath her bottom.

Licking to kiss her fiery cheek, he began again.

(Thanks to anonymous for the 7th submission! And may I just say that I enjoyed the addition of "nookie-kins" and "tree trunk" immensely!)


barely.pink said...

Ok..so I recognize that this was too long and I promise (under direct threat of the belt) to make the next one more concise. :)

Also, the next time, I will roll the dice to see what entry I will accept. That way, for those who are quick to comment, your entries stand a chance.

Just ironing out the kinkies.

Supercock said...

I don't think it was too long at all, I very much enjoyed it, as is evidenced by my leaking cock! Great writing